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  • 2015: The Year That Will Be

    Happy 2015, everyone! (Honest show of hands now– who has a hangover today?) Okay, we won’t talk about that. Let’s talk about something that will get your hungover brains straight into action instead– goals! For a few years, I got on the bandwagon and started picking one word at the beginning of the year that […]
  • What I’m Reading

    More personal finance books because what do creative people like to do even less than poking hot rods in their eyes? Talk money, of course. So yeah, I realize that I’m torturing you with this stuff, but just bear with me okay, because I’m on a mission here and if I can clean up my […]
  • 2014: The Year That Was

    I had to go back to look at some of the posts from early-2014 to see where my head was and what was going on in my life because honestly, the last two or three years sort of feel like they’ve meshed together and become a big blur. There were starts and stops, lost voices […]
  • What I’m Reading

    I did warn you that I was going through a self-help personal finance books phase, so there are a ton of more of those in here. In my defense, I’m writing a book about money so I need to read a lot about it, too. And also, well, I’m a geek and a nutter and […]
  • On Crashing, Burning, and Finding Recovery

    Note: This editorial is scheduled to be published in The International Freelancer newsletter today, but I wanted to put it up here as well so that we can have an open and honest discussion about it, but also so that it shows up in search engines. I want writers to be able to find the […]
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